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Patients & Visitors
Please see the information below for answers to common questions about visiting loved ones, as well as general hospital and financial information for Saint Vincent Hospital.


Everyday Amazing

Providing exceptional health care services to residents of the Lake Erie region since 1875. Our new facilities, services, and innovations continue this legacy. 

About Us

At Saint Vincent Hospital, we draw inspiration from our origins: The Sisters of Saint Joseph treating an injured man at their orphanage.

State-of-the-Art Cancer Center

Our Cancer Institute has all the services and highly skilled doctors you need in one building. If you have cancer, you have us in Erie.

New Women & Infants Center

From the first touch to the first snuggle, there are many reasons why more expectant parents choose us for the birth of their babies.


Rated No. 1 hospital in Erie* by CareChex

AHN Saint Vincent Hospital is rated the No. 1 hospital in Erie for Medical Excellence in Cancer Care, Major Orthopaedic Surgery, and Major Neuro-Surgery*. AHN Saint Vincent Hospital is rated the No. 1 hospital in Erie for Patient Safety in Pulmonary Care*.

Featured Locations

Saint Vincent Hospital
Saint Vincent Surgery Center
Health + Wellness Pavilion: East
Health + Wellness Pavilion: West
Saint Vincent Urgent Care: East
Saint Vincent Urgent Care: West


*Source: 2020 CareChex® ‐‐ an information service of Quantros, Inc.
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