Psychiatry and Mental Health

The Department of Psychiatry at Saint Vincent Hospital strives to provide the highest quality mental health services to our patients. We maintain a strong commitment to excellence in education, advance knowledge through research, and work to improve the mental health of our community.

Adult inpatient services

Saint Vincent has the area's longest running inpatient program which offers treatment in a safe and caring environment under a doctor's supervision. Sometimes, it is necessary to seek inpatient care when problems make daily living difficult. The inpatient unit is not a substitute for living at home. It is for people who choose to come in for treatment and will eventually return home.

At Saint Vincent, your caretakers work as a treatment team. This team includes a psychiatrist, nursing staff, inpatient therapist/social worker, recreational therapist and other professionals if necessary, such as dietitians, counselors, psychologists and occupational therapists. The treatment team works with the patient's existing support system and identifies additional sources of support when needed.

Geriatric behavioral health

Saint Vincent has a long history of caring for patients who suffer from behavioral and mental health issues and require hospitalization. Our specialists have found that the needs of our senior population are somewhat more complicated and require a separate team of specialists.

Our inpatient Geriatric Behavioral Services is a 10-bed, short-term/acute care unit, set in a comfortable, safe, secure and separate area of the hospital. It is staffed 24/7 by a professional team of associates who specialize in caring for the geriatric population.

Our goal is to help our aging population continue to live a happy and full life.

Women’s behavioral health at AHN Saint Vincent

AHN Saint Vincent is here to support you throughout your pregnancy and well after you deliver your child. We offer comprehensive, ongoing behavioral health services to help keep you at your very best. Learn more about our services and our unique, intensive, outpatient mother-baby therapy.

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