5 labor and delivery room features you didn't know you needed

Whether you or someone you know is currently pregnant or planning to have a baby, choosing where to deliver is a big decision. The Women and Infants Center at AHN Saint Vincent Hospital is full of modern amenities and labor and delivery room features that have what you need to be comfortable throughout delivery and give your child a strong start. 

1. A comfortable, homelike atmosphere

Our labor and delivery rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and beautiful decor designed to make you feel right at home. With soft lighting and calming colors, you’ll feel relaxed and ready for delivery.

2. Jetted showers and hydrotherapy tubs

Water can be a powerful tool for pain relief, so we made sure to include jetted showers and hydrotherapy tubs in our rooms to help ease labor pains. Our expert staff will be there to assist you and answer any questions you may have about using water for pain relief.

3. Private and spacious rooms

We want you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during labor and while bonding with your baby, so our large rooms offer plenty of space and privacy. We also have beautiful private rooms for pregnant patients who may need an extended hospital stay before delivery.

4. Flexible options for you and your baby

Whether you want your baby by your side at all times, or you decide to get ahead of sleepless nights before going home, we’ve got you covered. Each room has a bedside crib so you can keep your baby close, but we also have a fully equipped, spacious nursery where our expert staff can take care of your baby while you rest.

5. Thoughtful attention to detail

From rain shower heads in postpartum rooms to a celebratory meal for you and your support person, we didn’t overlook the smallest details that will help you feel relaxed and appreciated after your baby arrives.

Whether you’re welcoming your first or your fourth child, we’re dedicated to making your birth experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. But don’t just take our word for it — schedule a free tour today or talk to your AHN OB-GYN or midwife about delivery options.

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