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At Saint Vincent, we understand each woman has unique healthcare needs. That's why we offer compassionate and comprehensive care through every stage of life: prevention and wellness; labor and delivery services; Level III NICU; advanced gynecologic surgeries, midlife care, and everything in between. We pay special attention to each patients’ comfort and care and deliver the region’s cutting edge diagnostic and treatments, all close to home.
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Saint Vincent provides services at Saint Vincent Hospital and in our facilities throughout the region. In the past year alone, we have opened 2 new facilities that help women to have a convenient and comfortable experience. From a new comprehensive women’s center to a new breast imaging center, our specialists will ensure you get the care you need, when and where you want it.

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AHN Women Center

At AHN Women Center for Comprehensive Health Care, we provide access to women’s leading health specialists, all under one roof. The newly renovated facility provides convenient access to the care you need and the compassion you deserve. Services include:

  • overall breast health
  • gynecologic oncology
  • maternal fetal medicine
  • genetic counseling
  • cosmetic or medical plastic surgery

For more information, please call (814) 87-Women.

AHN Breast Imaging Center at Saint Vincent

The AHN Breast Imaging Center is an outpatient facility of Saint Vincent Hospital. It provides women with the latest technology and services for diagnostic and breast imaging services that they can trust and rely on. Patients can find access to ABUS Advanced Imaging for those with dense breast tissue, giving women with dense breasts the ability to be diagnosed sooner, so that they can receive treatment faster. They also have Fellowship Trained Women’s Imaging Radiologists or Physicians that have been trained to identify cancerous tissue in the breasts leading to better identification and in-turn treatment for patients. They also have 3-D Breast Tomosynthesis, Improved Comfort Upright Stereotactic Biopsy, two Breast Health Nurse Navigators, and general ultrasound.

In addition, the new facility has been designed to improve patient flow so that patient’s can get their imaging needs met and receive their readings faster than was previously possible.

To schedule your imaging services at the outpatient AHN Breast Imaging Center or one of our other imaging facilities, please call (814) 452-5228.

Women’s rehabilitation services

The program offers innovative treatment and physical therapies, helping women regain their strength and once again enjoy active, satisfying lives. The specialists at Saint Vincent Women’s Rehabilitation Services offer treatments and techniques to assist women both during pregnancy and after delivery. They work with patients to develop an individualized treatment plan that may include: exercise, manual therapy and/or biofeedback among other treatments to help alleviate symptoms. Don’t let issues like pelvic floor or pain keep you sedentary, call (814) 452-7867 to get your life back.

Women’s Lymphedema services

Your specially trained therapist at Women’s Rehabilitation Services will work with you to determine whether you have primary or secondary Lymphedema and develop a treatment plan that best suits your condition and needs. Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part usually occurring in the extremities. It can also occur in the face, neck, abdomen, or genitals. Lymphedema is the result of the abnormal accumulation of protein-rich edema fluid in the affected area. Once you have been diagnosed with Lymphedema, you need to be taught how to manage it. Therapy may include some or all of the aspects of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).

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