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Austin’s Playroom

Children who visit the hospital can take a break in our Austin’s Playroom. This child-centered spot is on the main floor. Follow signs to the cafeteria.

Give your kid a break

It’s a place your kids can relax and have some fun.

  • For kids age 3 to 12.
  • Adults must always supervise children.
  • Finish food and drinks first.

About Austin’s Playroom

In 1996, Nathalie and Mario Lemieux’s son, Austin, was born prematurely and spent 71 days in a hospital NICU. His parents spent many days there, which was also hard on his sisters, who were just toddlers. Soon, they created Austin’s Playrooms for young hospital visitors. Nathalie Lemieux serves as chair of Austin’s Playrooms and Vice President of the Lemieux Foundation.