Medical Records

If you received care at Saint Vincent Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, you can request a copy of your medical records from us.

Call the medical records correspondence office at (814) 452-7658 between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday. How you intend to use your medical records determines your next step.

Requesting records for a Saint Vincent doctor

If the doctor is a member of the Saint Vincent medical staff, our medical records office can send your records directly to that doctor. Simply call the medical records office with your request and the name of the doctor. No written authorization is needed.

Requesting records for other doctors or medical facilities

For certain requests, we need your written, personal authorization. These requests include sending records to another healthcare facility or to a doctor who is not a member of the Saint Vincent medical staff.

First, you should call medical records correspondence to let them know about your request. You can then mail a signed transfer authorization form or drop it off in person at the office. Download the transfer authorization form.

Once the office has authorization, we will mail the requested records at no cost. If you prefer, you can pick them up directly at the office. There is a charge, however, for all records hand-carried out of the hospital.

Requesting records for personal use

You can obtain a copy of your medical records for personal use. Please call the Medical Records Department at (814) 452-7658.

Medical records from other hospitals & healthcare facilities

Saint Vincent can release records only for people seen at our hospital. Our medical records personnel do not have access to medical records from any other hospital. Non-hospital records, such as doctor’s office records, must be requested directly from the office that created them.