At Saint Vincent, we’ve assembled the most experienced, most trusted team of cardiac experts in the region. Performing more heart procedures and delivering better outcomes than anyone else in our area. We’ve expanded our program by bringing specialists trained at the nation’s leading facilities here to Erie. And we’ve expanded our capabilities, expertise and experience in order to provide the world-class heart care you deserve.

Keeping Jimmie in the game with the right heart treatment. 

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The Saint Vincent Heart & Vascular Center

From education on living a healthy lifestyle to diagnostic, surgical and non-surgical treatments, the Saint Vincent Heart and Vascular Center offers a continuum of care that takes patients from diagnosis to recovery. The Saint Vincent Heart and Vascular Center is made up of over 250 nurses, cardiac technicians, advanced practice professionals, cardiologists and heart surgeons that are specially trained, exceptionally skilled and committed to one single purpose: providing the region’s highest level of heart care.

Nationally recognized care, right here in Erie

Our nationally recognized team continues to pioneer innovative screening techniques and less invasive heart procedures –resulting in shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times and better outcomes for patients. Saint Vincent continues to rank among the best in the state for patient quality, making a successful recovery significantly more likely than at other hospitals in the region.

St. Vincent Hospital is rated the No. 1 hospital in Erie^ for Medical Excellence in Heart Attack Treatment.

St. Vincent Hospital is rated the No. 1 hospital in Erie^ for Patient Safety in Heart Failure Treatment.

Source: 2019 CareChex® ‐‐ an information service of Quantros, Inc. October 2014 - September 2017
^No. 1 in Market Claims are based on CareChex® 2019 Composite Quality Scores and Ratings™ for acute care hospitals serving the combined statistical area (CSA) of Erie-Meadville

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