Labor & Delivery

The Region’s first hospital is proud to be here for all your baby’s firsts. From the first touch to the first snuggle, there are many reasons why more expectant parents choose AHN Saint Vincent for the birth of their babies.

Take a tour of Saint Vincent's new Women and Infant's Center

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Saint Vincent is also proud to be the region’s only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, providing over $4 million dollars to aid Saint Vincent’s tiniest patients. From investing in the latest neonatal technology to providing car seats for new babies, CMN is helping to create firsts for the next generation.

New mothers and their families will love our new Women & Infants Center. It is a warm and welcoming place where new moms can recover and bond with their babies in comfort and style. The delivery and postpartum rooms come with:

  • Complete privacy
  • Beautiful décor and all new furnishings
  • Jetted showers and hydrotherapy tubs in delivery rooms
  • Rain head showers in postpartum rooms
  • A celebratory meal for you and your support person
  • A free sleep sack for your baby
  • A special delivery gift for you and your new arrival

After you baby is born, our specially trained nurses will show you how to give your baby a bath, prepare formula, assist you with breast feeding and even help you put in your baby’s car seat.

Your baby can be with you as often as you wish during your stay at Saint Vincent. But, when you need a break, our expert nurses will care of your newborn. A crib can be placed by your bedside so you can “room in” with your baby. For those requesting some nursery time, Saint Vincent has a fully equipped, spacious state-of-the-art nursery to provide advanced technology for our newest arrivals.

Saint Vincent also offers beautiful private rooms for gynecology patients and pregnant women who require hospitalization for prolonged periods of time prior to delivering and postpartum.

The peace of mind you deserve

Services for high risk pregnancies

If you have a high risk pregnancy, we’re here to support you and your baby. Maternal Fetal Medicine and Genetic counseling is available through telemedicine and can easily fit into your schedule. They specialize in working with patients with chronic health conditions, like diabetes, that increase a mother’s risk of pregnancy complications. Fetal conditions (those that affect unborn babies) can also increase pregnancy risk.

To schedule a telemedicine appointment with a maternal fetal medicine specialist, please call (814) 87-WOMEN.

We also offer genetic counseling via telemedicine before and during pregnancy to check for inherited conditions and help to navigate getting pregnant, pregnancy loss and ensuring a healthy delivery.

Our team of caregivers

Our highly qualified, experienced, compassionate team of Ob/Gyns provide comprehensive, individualized, care for each woman to meet your specific needs and goals. Our goal is to help make each patient's pregnancy as enjoyable and safe as possible, while supporting you on your journey into parenthood.

Nurse midwives at saint vincent

The Nurse Midwives are also proud to offer an experienced team of certified nurse midwives who provide comprehensive care throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.

A nurse midwife can provide:

  • A personal, more holistic style of care with a lower rate of interventions, such as labor-inducing medications and cesarean sections
  • Full service care, 24/7
  • Support for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section (VBAC)OB/GYN physicians are at the ready for consultation or referral, if needed.

To inquire about or contact a nurse midwife, call (814) 454-8185.


Take comfort knowing that, if it’s needed, you have access to the region's most highly experienced team of neonatal intensive care physicians and nurses in our Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

With 19 private pods for premature and sick infants, our NICU is the first choice among referring physicians for these tiny and fragile infants. The Saint Vincent neonatologists and certified neonatal nurses are the most experienced in the region, with decades in the neonatal care field.

The nursery

Our new nursery provides a comfortable environment for your baby and an opportunity for physicians to continue to monitor vital statistics. The nurses on the staff can help you if you would like to have your baby spend some time in the nursery.

Growing Hope program

Saint Vincent has created Growing Hope, a comprehensive program for addicted mothers and their unborn babies to ensure the healthiest outcomes for both mother and baby.

This comprehensive program is designed to complement the services already provided in the community and includes educational sessions every two weeks during the pregnancy. Subject include:

  • Education to achieve the healthiest pregnancy possible
  • Referrals to community resources for counseling and medication management during the pregnancy
  • Emotional support from healthcare professionals and peers
  • Care coordination to ensure moms have appropriate housing, nutrition and healthcare

In addition, after leaving the hospital appointments are arranged with appropriate community resources to assure the mother and baby are transitioned into lifestyles that will promote health and wellbeing for both mother and baby in a safe environment.

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